Sunday, May 25, 2014

i just lost someone who isn't mine.

how can i describe this feeling..this is totally dumbass feeling..i really dislike this i wish i have delete button here, inside my heart and delete this feeling. somehow, i wonder why i have this feeling? did i create this by my own thoughts..?and yeah, i hate myself for being like this. i don't know if there are other people that have exactly feeling what i feel right now. when i talk about it to someone whom i trust, i don't know if she/he understands what i'm trying to say..i already set it on my mind that i can get this thing out from my mind and yeah of course, heart. but it never been easy.

by the way, i'm still with my boyfriend. but i just don't know why i have this kind of feeling and that's what i hate more about myself.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

unexpected plan -.-

yes my mood to blog something is here! 

yesterday, i was craving for ayam penyet which is located at Alam Mesra. i know, there is rumors about this restaurant that they use toilet to put their foods or whatsoever, but still i can't help it. i was hungry like there was no food here, in my house. so, i decided to bring Raisa for accompany me and took my lunch at this restaurant. the taste was still the same and lucky me, i didn't experience any stomachache or dizzy. thanks God. 

next, unexpectedly we went to 1Borneo. the goal was, like i said on my instagram i want to survey unifi but sadly, unifi cannot be connected here at UCA 2. the salesgirl have said few reasons why they cannot connect with UCA and UA, but i don't quite remember or understand with the reasons and yes, i walked slowly from the booth and felt terribly sad. and then i went to the hotlink booth and i saw the portable wifi. it really attracted me and i managed to buy one. as a kick start, i only dare to subscribed the 8G per month plan, which cost me only rm68 per month. quite cheap i guess.  

after that, we unexpectedly (again) found this one shop which is sell not-so-cheap and not-so-expensive clothes and i was overwhelmed! haha. i really cannot believe that i can found a shop that i really like at 1Borneo! i thought that i want to buy one or two sleeveless tops but ended up with three and one stripe jacket! haha. it is so true, unexpected plan will always the best one.