Sunday, May 25, 2014

i just lost someone who isn't mine.

how can i describe this feeling..this is totally dumbass feeling..i really dislike this i wish i have delete button here, inside my heart and delete this feeling. somehow, i wonder why i have this feeling? did i create this by my own thoughts..?and yeah, i hate myself for being like this. i don't know if there are other people that have exactly feeling what i feel right now. when i talk about it to someone whom i trust, i don't know if she/he understands what i'm trying to say..i already set it on my mind that i can get this thing out from my mind and yeah of course, heart. but it never been easy.

by the way, i'm still with my boyfriend. but i just don't know why i have this kind of feeling and that's what i hate more about myself.


  1. I may not know what exactly is going on, but all I wanna say is..don't give up easily. Those "feelings" sometimes are just some rough patch on the road. And that's what we call cubaan or dugaan. A lot can happen in relationship, it's just how u deal with it & how strong u both are with each other, with trust, tolerance & loyalty. It's more than love, right. :)

  2. Like Aemy, I don't know what happen exactly too, but I think I have the same feeling. Maybe not as much as yours, but erm...

    I have this good friend, best friend actually, even though we only met like 3 times. We only chat online. I have a girlfriend but this girl was someone who I can talk to about stuff I can't talk with my gf. And other stuff. Well, she decided told me that we can't contact each other anymore because she's going to be engaged with her boyfriend. And now she's married. I didn't cheat or anything, just lost a good friend.

  3. ha relationship is tough isn't?

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